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Proudly providing quality products and services to aid in the cultivation of Cannabis


More About 573Hydro

573Hydro was created by like minded friends and family with the idea to offer guidance and education with respect to cannabis cultivation. We have experience sourcing, installing, and debugging large scale industrial cultivation facilities as well as smaller home grows. We mainly offer consultations but can be contracted for installations and design. Our staff holds unique skills in many areas to help bring the project together smoothly from beginning to end. The 573Hydro team can help you connect those lines of communication to ease the buildout process of your cultivation dream.



Bringing your dreams to a reality


In-Person or Zoom meetings

Each project is unique when it comes to an owners ideal cultivation. Pick the brain of one of our experienced team members. Reach out to schedule a time to speak with someone any time!

Customer Resources

Cultivation need to knows

Frequently utilized by most of our customers, this service allows all growers access to information related to growing needs. Website links, Store List, Infographics and much more to help educate everyone on plant growth and development.

Design and Installations

Integration needs

Designing, installing and sourcing equipment or supplies for every unique situation is our specialty. We have experience in Hydroponics, Soil-less and mixed cultivation styles. Incorporating automation for environmental conditions into systems helps minimize physical labor in grow areas to increase efficiency and sanitation.


Contact Us

Email any day or time to setup a consultation with our team!

Park Hills Missouri 63601


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a 30 minute consultation?

Depends on the team member you wish to consult with, however it's usually no more than $60.

Does 573Hydro do business out of state?

573Hydro does business with customers all over the United States. We are based in South East Missouri but will travel on a case by case basis.

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